Korean Media Claims HYBE Official Compared Upcoming Girl Group To BLACKPINK – Here’s What We Know

The statement has been gaining attention.

Back in April, it was announced this year that HYBE would be debuting a new girl group at some point in collaboration with Source Music.

It was also reported that former CEO Bang Si Hyuk and Min Hee Jin, who was involved with girl groups like Girls’ Generationf(x), and Red Velvet, would produce this girl group.

Former HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk

On August 9, an article from the Korean media outlet Asian Economy recently gained attention after publishing a statement from an official from HYBE, speaking on details of the debut group.

In the statement, the official explained, “We are preparing for the launch of a girl group in the fourth quarter. The exact schedule of their debut, number of members, and the genre of music are still confidential.”

However, it was another one of the statements that really caught the attention of fans and other outlets. The article claimed that the official compared the talent of the upcoming group to one of the biggest names in K-Pop: BLACKPINK.

We have high expectations within the company because the members have the visuals and skills that are comparable with BLACKPINK.

— HYBE official

When it comes to K-Pop girl groups, there are none bigger and more well-known than YG Entertainment‘s BLACKPINK! Yet, with such a huge reputation, it seems like they will always be one of the standard-bearers when it comes to new girl groups.

Members of BLACKPINK | @roses_are_rosie/ Instagram

The Asian Economy seems to be the only outlet to have reported this quote from an unknown HYBE official. Normally, something like this would’ve been reported on a bigger scale by a larger number of outlets worldwide, yet it seems as if the Asian Economy is the only platform writing about it.

In particular, there have also been no official statements from the company regarding any information on the group’s debut. HYBE is known for being extremely secretive with its future plans.

Source: Asian Economy