Korean Media Picks K-Pop Idol Siblings That Show The Power Of DNA

Talent runs in the family.

According to media news outlet News Inside, they listed several K-Pop idol siblings that prove just how powerful DNA can be.

Jessica and Krystal

Known for being the Jung Sisters, the two have a lot in common including singing talent, fashion sense, and a chic personality. We would love to see a unit album release from these two.

Chanhyuk and Suhyun

This duo quickly took over the music industry as AKMU with their innate ability to write and produce music. They’ve revealed that their ability to diss each other as siblings has made making music very efficient. 

Han Sunhwa and Han Seungwoo

Former SECRET member and actress Han Sun Hwa and VICTON member Han Seung Woo have showcased their stunning visuals through a pictorial.

Kim Jae Kyung and Kim Jae Hyun.

Rainbow’s Jaekyung and N.Flying’s Jaehyun are known to be adorable siblings. Jaehyun once joked that his sister had dated 300 guys, showing peak sibling energy.

Chaeyeon and Chaeryoung

IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon and ITZY’s Chaeryoung have always been mistaken as twins for their similarity in appearance and being only one year apart.

Lee Sungyeol and Lee Daeyeol

Golden Child’s Lee Dae Yeol, whose older brother is INFINITE’s Sungyeol, dreamed of debuting as a singer by watching his older brother. Not only in appearance, but also his vocal tone, voice, and behavior were just like his brother.

Source: news inside