Korean Media Praise BTS Jin’s Brave Decision To Cancel His Enlistment Delay, Seemingly Calling Out The Government For Their Indecisiveness

Even now, the government seemingly wants to take advantage of the group when they enlist!

One of the hottest topics of debate in K-Pop in recent times has been the topic of BTS and enlistment. It seems as if the media and netizens have been watching the government discuss whether the group should enlist without any real focus on the members’ own views.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On October 17, BTS’s Jin made headlines worldwide when it was announced that he wouldn’t be delaying his enlistment any longer.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

In particular, the idol was praised after it was revealed that the idol had canceled the request to delay his enlistment and would be following government protocol after the release of his single.

The statement about Jin’s enlistment | BIGHIT MUSIC

Yet, although ARMYs have been vocal about the announcement, it seems like the Korean media are also prioritizing the news about Jin’s enlistment and praising him whenever possible.

According to fans in Korea, when the news was first released, it took over media outlets across the country. No matter what was being discussed, the broadcasting networks all made sure to get the news out as quickly as possible.

| MBC   

In particular, many ARMYs have shared that Korean news outlets also seem to be “shading” politicians.

Since the topic of BTS and the military has been discussed, many have accused the government of taking advantage of the group and only considering an exemption for their financial gain. For many ARMYs, Jin’s decision to cancel his extension was a huge blow for the ministry.

Yet, it isn’t just ARMYs praising Jin for his decision. The same media outlets who are continuously relaying the news of Jin’s enlistments are praising the idol for making the decision.

Yonhap news tweeted the article with the caption, “The Reason For BTS’s Decision To Enlist… In BTS Fashion Is To Fulfill Their Promise.” For many, it praised the idol for making his own decision and fulfilling their promise to the country.

If that wasn’t enough, the news outlet then posted videos on their YouTube channels. Each time, they couldn’t stop praising Jin while also touching upon the government, who many netizens thought was taking so long to come up with a decision.

[Hot issue] While politicians are shuffling their feet… BTS “Jin Will Be The First To Enlist” The Decision Is Made/ Yonhap News TV.

The title for a Yonhap video | 연합뉴스TV/YouTube

The other captions were just as positive, with headlines such as, “BTS’s Eldest Jin Is The First To Salute” and “[Breaking] BTS, Jin Will Be The First To Enlist… Withdraws Petition To Delay/ Yonhap News TV.”

After the screenshots of the headlines were shared, ARMYs couldn’t stop sharing their happiness at how much Jin was getting praised. For many, it was refreshing to see them praising the idol and focusing their criticism on the government.

Yet, even after all the criticism of the government, ARMYs raised anger after a news outlet released a report saying, “We are planning for a way for [BTS] to perform together after enlisting.” 

For many, it raised anger as those enlisted cannot earn money from schedules. So if BTS performed together, they wouldn’t be able to gain anything from it, but many believe the government may be able to capitalize from the group economically.

The fact that Jin took matters of his enlistment into his own hands has made Korean netizens, media, and ARMYs so proud.

You can read more about the news below.

BTS’s Jin Has Cancelled His Request To Delay His Military Service And Will Enlist In The Military


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