Korean Media’s Take On Why BTS Not Winning At The 2023 GRAMMYs Is Not A Failure

They have already proven their worth.

The 2023 GRAMMYs took place on February 5 at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. Recently, BTS temporarily halted activities after Jin enlisted in the military and did not participate in the award ceremony this year. With BTS not taking home an award again this year, Korean media unveiled their take on why this is not a failure.


In particular, Korean viewers were most interested in whether or not BTS would win an award. BTS’s title track, “Yet To Come,” as part of their anthology album, PROOF, was nominated for the Best Music Video category. In addition, the song “My Universe,” collaborated with Coldplay, was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

BTS showcased their extraordinary power by being nominated for the GRAMMYS for three consecutive years, but they did not take home a win this year. This year, Best Music Video went to Taylor Swift and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance went to Sam Smith and Kim Petras. The overall evaluation of the winners were that they were all deserving of the awards, showing something different and new through their music.

The GRAMMYs, Billboard Music Awards, and the American Music Awards, are considered the three major American music award ceremonies. The nature of the three ceremonies is different in that the Billboard Music Awards determine winners based on chart performance, while the American Music Awards determine winners through popular vote.

If the two award ceremonies focus on grades and popularity, the GRAMMYs are decided by the votes of the members of the Recording Academy, placing more importance on musicality. If BTS won the GRAMMYs, it would mean that their musicality, not topicality or popularity, would also be recognized. Winning the GRAMMYs would also be a great addition, as they have already dominated major charts and award ceremonies around the world.


However, just because BTS did not win the GRAMMYs does not mean that their musicality was not recognized. This is because there are many artists that receive recognition without a GRAMMY award history. In the case of ABBA, which was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Performance alongside BTS, was their second nomination, and yet they did not win. But there are no fans who disparage ABBA’s achievements of musicality just because they did not win a GRAMMY.

Hip-hop icon TupacKaty Perry, and Sia, who hit the Billboard charts in the 2010s, also have no ties to the GRAMMYs. Looking at it straightforward, there wasn’t enough to predict BTS’s win for the GRAMMYs this year. In 2020 and 2021, BTS swept the world with “Dynamite” and “Butter.” On the other hand, they released the PROOF album in 2022 but did not lead to worldwide activities.


Instead, they were more focused on closing off and preparing for a new chapter. Also with no clear conclusion on military service, more news about their military issues were released rather than music activities. Nonetheless, the GRAMMYs put BTS’ names on the list. Although they did not participate in the ceremony this year, they were listed as nominees because the musical achievements they actually achieved were outstanding.

There is a high probability that the BTS record surrounding the GRAMMYs will take a break for the time being. This is because activities as a full group are not possible due to the upcoming military service. However, there is no need to feel frustrated about not winning, as BTS has already sufficiently shown and proved their worth.

Source: money today