Korean Military Base’s Show Featuring Sexy Fitness Models Sparks Controversy

Netizens have been criticizing this fitness model performance for “sexually objectifying women”.

A military base in Anyang put on a show to “boost the morale” of soldiers by having female fitness models show off their figures to the troops. The show has caused a stir among netizens who believe that the show was an example of “sexual objectification of women”.


The videos from the performance showed a woman dressed in a revealing bikini show off her toned body for the soldiers through various poses.


Once the controversy broke out, the military base which held the performance apologized and explained the situation, clarifying that the performance was indeed held but that they were unaware of the details of the performance as it was sponsored and organized by a private organization.

“At the time, we did not know the number of people or details of the performance beforehand, as it was sponsored and organized by a private organization. We’d like to apologize for the ‘sexual objectification controversy’ that the performance has brought about.”

 Military Base in Anyang


Despite the apology, some citizens have even taken it upon themselves to submit petitions in opposition of such performances at the military bases. One such petition insists that performances, such as the fitness model show, are examples of sexual objectification of women under the disguise of a military base performance. It has already garnered 16,423 votes.


Meanwhile, netizen reactions have been split. While some believe that the show was highly inappropriate, others did not seem to think the issue was worthy of causing a controversy.

  • “This is so disgusting. It’s vulgar.”
  • “And when female idols shake their hips around, that doesn’t make you uncomfortable? Those models went because they wanted to so what’s the problem? Why don’t you pay some more attention to the woman who was sexually assaulted by 7 elderly men in Yeongwol.”
  • “Are women slaves? They have to do everything they’re told?”
  • “Those models aren’t forced to go there like men in the military, they’re getting paid and performing voluntarily so why is this such a big issue? I don’t understand.”


Watch the controversial video clip below:

Source: Inew24, Pann Nate and SE Daily