Korean Model Moon Gabi Reveals How She Keeps Her Body Perfect

Moon Gabi spilled the secret to her incredible body!

Model Moon Gabi has revealed the secret to her perfect body!

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The Korean beauty appeared on tvN’s Talkmon and confessed that she has been religiously exercising for a very long time – since she was 14 years old!

“I danced when I was young. Since I was 14 years old, I did about 2 hours of exercise everyday before I went to sleep.” — Moon Gabi


And she was dedicated to it even when she traveled. She would do her exercises in the airplane bathroom!

“I used to work out in the airplane bathroom while I traveled. After a year of exercising my side, I reduced my waist size from 26 inches to 23 inches.” — Moon Gabi


All her hard work definitely pays off!

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She has just the right balance between beautiful and strong.

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And her perfect proportions make her one of the most unique Korean models around!

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Not to mention, her Instagram page is literally a fashion bible!

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