HYBE Labels’ New Boy Group BOYNEXTDOOR Just Debuted — Here’s What Koreans Think

Here’s what they think.

HYBE Labels recently debuted a new boy group under KOZ Entertainment, spearheaded by Zico. It created a buzz when news broke that Zico would have a hand in creating a new boy group for HYBE Labels.

Through the teaser, we got to know the boys — Woonhak





… and last but not least, Taesan.

Their music video for “I’m Going Crazy” dropped on May 23, 2023. A fresh story about a group of teens falling for a girl, the boys went through the various stages of having a crush.

The longing and desperation…

…all to the huge moment where you finally get to show her off to your friends.

The plot took a twist when the six boys realized that the girl that they had all been crushing on…

…was one and the same!

The cute storyline fits the members’ young ages perfectly, with half of the members still in their teens and the others freshly twenty. The song is also an easy listen with a bubbly melody. Netizens were on the fence about the safe choice, however, with some praising the upbeat tune and others feeling that it was boring.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • It feels like one person is singing the entire song. Their singing method and vocal colors are so-so.
  • It’s kind of bland… I also don’t know what they’re saying without subtitles.
  • Their voices are a little bit jarring…
  • The song is really good.
  • This is why rookie boy groups don’t appeal to non-idol fans. They should have paid more attention to the song.
  • The song is good though?? But it sounds like Zico sang it LOL.
  • The title song is too boring…

Despite this, the boys definitely have the potential to make it big. After all, they’re still young and fresh. Check out their song below.

Source: theqoo