Korean Netizens Criticize NCT Dream For Alleged Insincere Broadcast Attitude On “Kiss The Radio”

Fans believed that they need to point out what they did wrong.

K-Pop idol group NCT DREAM were recently criticized for consistently showing insincere and playful attitudes during a radio broadcast. On KBS Cool FM’s DAY 6 Kiss the Radio, NCT DREAM made a guest appearance and caused controversy online.

The group was asked a number of questions, but the members responded with insincere answers or was seen not focused on the broadcast. Member Jaemin in particular, was seen answering insincerely towards DJ Young K.

When asked, “What is the song that you listen to the most,” Jaemin replied, “A song that I’ve listened to the most…that’s the problem. The song I listen to the most is…” and stretched out his answer without a concise answer. Also, when asked about any new hobbies, he replied, “For new hobbies, I don’t have any.” When asked “What’s the reason for going late,” he replied with a  short answer of, “I want to be late.” He also shocked listeners as he shouted, “Sexy, sexy” while the other members were talking.

Netizens frowned upon members Chenle and Mark who were seen fooling around with things not related to the broadcast. When DJ Young K turned his head left and right to listen to the answers of the members, Mark was seen imitating his movements, showing an immature attitude. 

At the end of the broadcast, Jeno, who seemed to recognize Chenle and Mark’s actions during the broadcast, apologized by saying, “There were a lot of local broadcasts. I tried to stop them, and I am sorry that I couldn’t.”

After the broadcast, while the members and DJ Young K were taking a group photo together, Young K was seen bowing deeply, but the members except one did not bow in return. It is known that DAY6 debuted in the music industry one year earlier than NCT.

NCT DREAM’s broadcast attitude has become controversial among fans as well.  One fan pointed out, “Even fans should point out they they did something wrong. It was a situation that could lead to misunderstandings and I hope that they will fix it so that the same mistake is not repeated on other broadcasts.”

Netizens that saw this hoped that they would reflect on their actions.

  • “The DJ is also a senior by one year (of course they shouldn’t act like that even in they are a junior) and it is the first time they have met each other.”
  • “As a fan I am sad that this has become a controversy, but I hope that through this the members will understand their mistakes and not do it again.”
  • “Wow what kind of attitude is that. I wonder if they will even properly reflect on their actions.”
Source: sbs news