Korean Netizens Defend IVE Member From Nose Job Allegations

“Who changes their nose to look like an arrow?”

IVE’s Liz has recently found herself at the center of a plastic surgery controversy. A viral post on the popular online forum Pann — which has amassed over 71,200 views — sparked a heated debate by suggesting that Liz may have undergone plastic surgery to change the shape of her nose.

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Accompanied by a side-by-side comparison of Liz’s photos, one older and one more recent, the post hints at a noticeable difference in her facial features.

However, this accusation quickly met with a wave of defense from Korean netizens, who were not ready to let the allegations slide without scrutiny. Despite a handful of voices siding with the original poster, the majority rallied around Liz, offering various explanations and support against the cosmetic surgery claims.

Liz’s nose before, according to OP. | Pann

Critics of the surgery theory pointed out the role of angles and lighting in photography, which can dramatically alter a person’s appearance. Some comments highlighted the absurdity of assuming someone would undergo surgery to make her nose look that specific way.

Liz’s nose now, according to OP. | Pann

Yet, amidst the chorus of denials, a few comments lent some credence to the OP’s observation, pointing out differences in Liz’s appearance in pre-debut materials.

  • “Noses can look different in different angles.”
  • “I’ve looked different in pictures taken on the same day. Stop conjuring up drama…”
  • “I think it looks different because of the angle. Who would have work done on their nose to look like that?”
  • “Who would have work done to have their nose look like an arrow? It’s the angle, + her face is just bloated.”
  • “Who changes their nose to look like an arrow? Her nose has always been high and pretty. It’s just the angle that makes it seem different.”
  • “She did do surgery. If you look at the commercial she filmed before her debut, her nose looks different.”
| Pann
| Pann

The controversy surrounding Liz’s possible nose job has started a fierce debate on Korean community sites, with netizens mostly defending the IVE star from the allegations. However, there are some who remain certain that there is an obvious difference in Liz’s appearance in the past and now.

Source: Pann