Korean Netizens Discuss The 3 RIIZE Members Popular For Their Visuals

Multiple viral posts are the proof of their popularity 🤩

The hype around SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group, RIIZE, has been building for weeks, especially after the introduction of its members. But among the group, three members particularly have caught the eye of Korean netizens.

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While netizens definitely agree that all members of the upcoming boy group are handsome, something about these three has stolen the public’s heart. All three boys received a lot of attention and love following their first airport appearance earlier this week.

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1. Sungchan

Formerly a known face from NCT and its sub-unit NCT U, Sungchan’s shift from the established group to the upcoming RIIZE came as a surprise for many fans. His revelation in September 2020 as an NCT member had been a major discussion point.

Yet, his departure in 2023 to RIIZE sparked a flurry of talks, speculations, and support from fans worldwide. Sungchan’s journey from NCT to RIIZE only proves his versatility and the trust SM Entertainment has in his talent.

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It is rumored that this move was to give the new group a seasoned face, and judging by the reactions so far, it’s worked.

2. Wonbin

The mysteriously enchanting Wonbin has gathered significant attention even before the group’s official debut. Recognized by SM Entertainment for his exceptional performance and guitar skills, he’s been termed an all-rounder.

However, apart from his evident skills, netizens couldn’t help but notice Wonbin’s impeccable fashion sense, especially his love for accessories. From earrings to hats, beanies, and caps, he’s setting new trends.

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Many comments on viral posts on TheQoo have been discussing his unique style and trying to guess the brand of his favorite accessories.

3. Anton

Last but certainly not least, Anton, the maknae of RIIZE, brings an international flair to the group. As a Korean-American from Boston, Anton’s blend of cultures makes him distinct.

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With his background in competitive swimming and his bond with SEVENTEEN Vernon’s sister, Sofia, he’s already woven an interesting narrative around himself. When Anton’s potential debut news leaked in July 2023, it became a hot topic due to his famous parents.

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Now confirmed as a RIIZE member, he’s garnered immense interest for his contribution as a composer with a unique musical touch. His posts, too, have gone viral on TheQoo, with netizens praising his sharp features and adorable visual appeal.

While RIIZE as a whole is anticipated to make a massive impact on the K-Pop scene, these three members — Sungchan, Wonbin, and Anton — have undeniably managed to stand out even before their official debut. Their individual charms, combined with their distinct visuals, have made them favorites among Korean netizens.

As RIIZE gears up for their debut with Get A Guitar on September 4, fans eagerly anticipate how the trio and the rest of the group will captivate the stage.

Source: TheQoo