Korean Netizens Are Full Of Praise For Red Velvet Following Recent Logo Reveal

“Chill Kill” is set to be another gem in their already glittering crown.

In a sea of talented artists, it’s hard to continuously stand out, especially when the K-Pop industry is saturated with fresh ideas and innovative concepts. Yet, SM Entertainment‘s prized quintet, Red Velvet, has time and again managed to capture the hearts of fans and netizens alike with their impeccable artistry and commitment to novelty.

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The recent reveal of the logo for their highly anticipated third full-length album, Chill Kill, is no exception and has sent waves of excitement and admiration across the K-Pop community.

Unveiled a few days ago, the logo offers a vivid visual treat with its striking red hue. But it’s the depth and intricacy of the concept that has truly captivated audiences.

Red Velvet’s new comeback logo. | @RVsmtown/Twitter

Drawing inspiration from Korea’s rich history and East Asian culture, Red Velvet has ingeniously intertwined their English name using “hanja” — the Chinese characters that were instrumental in penning Korean text during the Gojoseon period.

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This subtle yet profound nod to Korea’s ancient past, combined with the inclusion of a teaser schedule resembling a traditional Korean calendar, accentuates their deep-rooted respect and appreciation for their heritage.

Further embellishing this historical theme, the group’s promotional poster is generously sprinkled with tiger symbols, adding another layer of cultural significance. Tigers hold a special place in Korean folklore and history, symbolizing courage, power, and guardianship.

Netizens couldn’t hold back their awe, with comments flooding social media platforms praising Red Velvet’s innovative approach. Remarks such as “Seriously genius…” and “The Red Velvet concept is really innovative and cool” are just a glimpse of the overwhelming appreciation that the girl group has received.

Many were initially baffled by the unfamiliar characters, only to be pleasantly surprised when they realized the clever play on the words ‘Red Velvet’ written in English.

  • “They combined the words ‘Red Velvet’ and made them into Chinese characters… Seriously genius…”
  • “At first, I thought it was some unfamiliar Chinese characters, but it’s ‘Red Velvet’ written in English..”
  • “The Red Velvet concept is really innovative and cool.”
  • “I love this concept so much, looking forward to it ㅠㅜ”
  • “Wow, seriously, this is a concept I’ve never seen from Red Velvet ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Even the Min Hee Jin haters will have nothing to say to this high quality.”
  • “I love the eerie ‘Peekaboo’ or “Psycho’ vibes.”
| PannNate
| PannNate

But none of this is surprising — Red Velvet’s journey has always been marked by their unparalleled ability to adopt and ace diverse concepts, something that has gained them the much-deserved title of “Concept Queens.” From the eerie tones of “Peekaboo” and “Psycho” to the lively beats of “Red Flavor” and “Power Up,” their discography is a testament to their versatility.

This versatility extends beyond just musical styles. Their majestic vocals, which have been a hallmark of their identity, range from soulful ballads to pop royalty, showcasing their sheer talent and dedication to their craft.

Their upcoming album promises a mix of 10 songs spanning various genres. Slated for release on November 13, fans can already anticipate the magic that Red Velvet will bring. Their past records have set high standards, but if the buzz around their recent logo reveal is anything to go by, Chill Kill is set to be another gem in their already glittering crown.

Source: Pann Nate

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