Korean Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To LE SSERAFIM’s Encore Live Singing

“Wow their skills really show since the encore is live…”

LE SSERAFIM has recently made a comeback with their highly anticipated first studio album, featuring the title track “UNFORGIVEN.” The group’s new release has been generating significant buzz, captivating fans with its catchy melody and powerful performances. With their rising popularity, LE SSERAFIM achieved another accolade today as they secured the song’s first music show win on SBS M‘s “The Show.”

Following their victory, the members of LE SSERAFIM expressed their gratitude towards the production team, staff, and their devoted fans during their acceptance speech. As is customary, the group treated viewers to an encore performance of their chart-topping song. Music show encores are known for their emphasis on live singing, with minimal reliance on backing tracks.

However, the group’s encore live singing quickly sparked a heated debate among Korean netizens. Immediately after the show concluded, discussions began to surface online, with a post on the popular community site TheQoo garnering substantial attention. The post received over 53,000 views and attracted more than 1,210 comments, highlighting the diverse reactions of netizens.

On one hand, there were netizens who expressed their satisfaction with LE SSERAFIM’s encore live singing, believing that the group delivered a commendable performance. One comment read, “Isn’t this good enough?” indicating that they had found the overall quality of the live rendition to be acceptable. Additionally, fans specifically praised member Chaewon for her strong vocal performance, stating, “Chaewon is the only one who did well.

Chaewon | MNH Sports

However, contrasting opinions emerged as well. Some netizens voiced disappointment, particularly pointing out the perceived vocal shortcomings of certain members. One comment expressed surprise, stating, “Huh Yunjin isn’t as good as I thought… isn’t she the main vocal?” Another user, however, defended Yunjin‘s singing abilities: “Huh, Yunjin is good, though?”

The heated discussion also veered towards a broader critique of idol groups’ live singing skills in general. One netizen commented, “I haven’t seen a group that sings well from HYBE,” referring to LE SSERAFIM’s label.

  • “Isn’t this good enough?”
  • “Chaewon is the only one who did well…”
  • “I haven’t seen a group that sings well from HYBE.”
  • “Yunjin looks so nervous.”
  • “Kim Chaewon is the only one that did well.”
  • “Huh Yunjin isn’t as good as I thought..isn’t she the main vocal?”
  • “Huh Yunjin is good though??”
  • “Wow their skills really show since the encore is live…”
  • “Ah is it because I’m not familiar with idols…whenever I see idols perform live it just looks like they’re doing some school talent show.”
| TheQoo
Source: TheQoo


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