Agencies’ Response To aespa’s Karina And Lee Jae Wook’s Relationship Sparks Mixed Reactions

“I’m so upset…”

Korean netizens reacted to SM Entertainment‘s confirmation of Dispatch‘s report.

Lee Jae Wook (left) and Karina (right)
Lee Jae Wook (left) and Karina (right)

On February 27, SM Entertainment confirmed Dispatch’s report stating that aespa’s Karina and Lee Jae Wook were dating.

They are only now getting to know each other.

— SM Entertainment

The news follows C-JeS Studio‘s confirmation of the same report. C-JeS Studio is the agency that houses actor Lee Jae Wook.

C-JeS Studio Confirms aespa’s Karina And Actor Lee Jae Wook Are Dating

Netizens reacted to the news with mixed reactions. While many celebrated the couple’s union, there were plenty fans who couldn’t hide their disappointment.


  • I hate the fact they reported this, but since they are dating, I wish them the best.
  • They weren’t coy at all and just admitted to the relationship. Amazing.
  • I’m so upset.
  • They are a really good-looking couple so it makes me feel fuzzy. I hope they are happy together.
  • Wow, how cool of them to confirm it.
  • I guess I understand if Karina consented to their confirmation.
  • If they are happy, then I’m happy. Congratulations.
  • They look good together, so I hope they date for a long time.

What are your thoughts?

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