BABYMONSTER’s Pharita Is Already Being Compared To 2NE1’s Park Bom

“What’s up with her vocals? It’s so good!”

Netizens reacted to a teaser video of BABYMONSTER‘s Pharita.

Pharita | YG Entertainment

Recently YG Entertainment has been teasing their upcoming fourth-generation girl group, BABYMONSTER.

Will YG Entertainment’s New Group BABYMONSTER Break Through The Fourth Generation Girl Group Market?

As competitive as the girl group market has become, netizens have been eager to see whether YG Entertainment’s new offering will be able to dominate akin to their world-class sunbaes, BLACKPINK.

It won’t be an easy task, however, as K-Pop’s fourth generation is proving to be the most competitive generation in regard to girl groups. With the industry already producing popular established fourth-generation groups such as aespa and ITZY, as well as newly debuted heroes such as NewJeans and IVE sweeping the charts, the competition for girl group supremacy has never been hotter.

That said, YG Entertainment will look to continue its run as one of K-Pop’s most successful girl group producers. To that effort, the label recently released a clip of Pharita, one of two Thai members in BABYMONSTER.

Boasting powerful vocals and impressive range, Pharita shows off her talents in the teaser clip. The 17-year-old’s skills are undeniable, and netizens have been quick to catch on, with the clip reaching 3 million views in less than 24 hours.

Netizens expressed amazement at the yet-to-debut idol and praised her for her talents. Many netizens also stated that Pharita reminded them of another former YG Entertainment artist, 2NE1‘s legendary vocalist, Park Bom.

  • “Of all the member clips, she’s my favorite. Her voice is good AF.”
  • “What’s up with her vocals? It’s so good.”
  • “Woah, her voice is pretty, but it is powerful at the same time.”
  • “How are they all good? Hurry up and debut.”
  • “Each one of the members could be the main vocalist for other groups. They are all so good.”
  • “I thought she was Bom.”
  • “I thought she was Park Bom.”
  • “For some reason her gestures reminds me of Park Bom.”

What are your thoughts? Check out Pharita in the link below to see what all the hype is about!

Source: theqoo