Korean Netizens React To BTS Suga’s Explanation Of Why He Couldn’t Perform In China

Previously, China had banned Korean performers due to a political dispute.

Korean netizens reacted to BTS Suga‘s comments about K-Pop idols performing in China.

Suga | The Korea Herald

Recently, Suga held a livestream following a concert for the Agust D D-Day tour. During his livestream, several fans asked the idol to perform in China.

Suga then revealed that due to political reasons, China has made it difficult for K-Pop artists to perform in the country.

Suga explained the juxtaposition Korean and Chinese members of the same group often find themselves in when it comes to promoting in China.

In one K-Pop group these days, there are Koreans, Chinese, and members from different nationalities. I’ve seen instances where Chinese members are allowed to work in China, but the group itself is not allowed to.

— Suga

Suga revealed that due to these restrictions, it was near impossible for Korean artists to promote in China.

Korean netizens reacted to Suga’s comments exposing China’s ban on Korean artists. Many praised Suga for having the courage to speak up as well as his ability to explain to fans his situation without causing any misunderstandings.

  • “This is something only BTS members can say. It’s so refreshing to hear him reveal China’s Korean ban.”
  • “Wow, he explains well so that international fans don’t misunderstand him. This topic could have landed him in so much controversy. I am a fan of another group, but it’s so refreshing to hear him say that.”
  • “He tells it like it is because (BTS) does not rely on China to sell most of their records. He’s so cool.”
  • “Why do I like him so much? He’s been showing up on my feed for two months straight… Maybe it is because he’s on tour, but each video is similar but different, LOL. Have I become a fan? LOL.”
  • “I really like how Suga is so good at talking about uncomfortable topics, like the time he talked about the music program.”
  • “Why is BTS so cool? Stop being so cool. I’m not a fan, but I’ve been secretly watching your videos more often.”
  • “Seriously, Yoongi hits the spot. Although he seems like he’s talking without much consideration, he is actually talking very nicely, LOL. He’s so mushy towards ARMY and is the member who puts up with our antics best, LOL. He’s so soft when it comes to his fans and his members, LOL. He’s gracious and so cool.”
  • ” I think he spoke well while not offending Chinese fans… It’s not like he said he didn’t want to go. I think he spoke about the situation in China in a way that fans wouldn’t be upset.”

Meanwhile, there is good news for Chinese BTS fans! According to news reports, China has recently started to accept visa applications from Korean performers.

Previously, Korean K-Pop artists had been banned from performing in China since a 2016 dispute over Korea’s installation of an anti-missile system.

Source: joongang ilbo and nate pann