Korean Netizens React To ITZY’s Latest Title Track “UNTOUCHABLE”

“This is a f*cking banger.”

ITZY, one of the most dynamic groups in K-Pop, has recently dropped their latest album, Born to Be, accompanied by the much-anticipated title track “UNTOUCHABLE.” This release marks a significant milestone in ITZY’s discography as it is branded as their eighth mini-album. While the song has already started making waves in the music industry and among fans, Korean netizens seem to have mixed feelings about the release.

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Born to Be is a showcase of ITZY’s versatility, featuring ten tracks that span various genres. Notably, this album presents a first for the group: solo tracks performed by each member of the quintet. In an intriguing promotional strategy, the music videos for these solo tracks were released sequentially leading up to the album launch.

Yeji in her solo music video fro “Crown on my Head.” | ITZY/YouTube

Adding to the album’s allure were pre-release music videos for the songs “Born to Be” and “Mr. Vampire.” Due to Lia‘s hiatus, the album was promoted as a quartet — yet all members, including Lia, have their solo moments in the album, highlighting their individual talents and styles.

“UNTOUCHABLE,” the lead single, stands out with its mid-tempo EDM beats and an engaging guitar accompaniment in the chorus. Crafted by renowned songwriters Bang Hye Hyun and Lee Seu Ran, the song’s potent lyrics speak of confronting and overcoming the myriad challenges and conflicts in the world, embodying a message of resilience and strength.

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The accompanying music video is a visual spectacle. ITZY members, amidst an army of robots, exude confidence and power, reinforcing the song’s theme of being unstoppable. Their commanding presence, coupled with their striking visuals and intense expressions, paints them as formidable female warriors, showcasing both external and internal strength.

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The reactions from Korean netizens to “UNTOUCHABLE” and the album “Born to Be” have been diverse. Some praise the song’s unique style and the group’s stunning visuals, while others express preferences for other tracks like “Mr. Vampire.”

Ryujin for “Mr. Vampire” | JYP Entertainment

A common thread, however, is the admiration for the members’ individual beauty and the overall aesthetic of the music video.

Netizens have expressed mixed feelings about the song’s musical style, with some finding it a refreshing addition to ITZY’s repertoire while others feel it diverges from their usual preferences.

  • Love the song.
  • It’s a good song.
  • IDK. The song sounds pretty common with a typical smaller idol production quality… But I did finish watching the entire MV because Yuna is gorgeous.
  • It kind of sucks… I guess this one’s not up my alley.
  • Wow. All four of them look so good…
  • I’m not really feeling this song.
  • Aw, Chaeryeong is so pretty.
  • WTF?! This song is so good!
  • I think I like “Mr. Vampire” a lot better than this one…
  • OMG. This is a f*cking banger. I feel like it’s actually one of their best title tracks yet!
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Despite differing opinions on the musical style, the consensus on ITZY’s powerful visual portrayal and individual talents remains strong, affirming their status as a formidable force in the K-pop industry.

Source: TheQoo