Korean Netizens React To Leaked Sex Video Recorded At The US Senate Hearing Room

“Why is it that they always feel the need to record themselves doing it??”

A leaked video from the US Senate has sparked a frenzy of reactions across the world, including Korean netizens. The footage, released on Friday, allegedly shows two men engaging in sexual intercourse in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room. This unusual and bizarre scenario has stirred a whirlwind of comments and discussions online.

Senate Hearing Room | AP

The Daily Caller was the first to obtain the footage, which is said to have been filmed by a congressional staffer in the Hart Senate Office Building. Despite reaching out, representatives for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, ranking member Lindsey Graham, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have not responded to requests for comments from the Washington Examiner.

The authenticity of the videos remains unverified, and it’s unclear if this incident will prompt a Senate investigation. However, the U.S. Capitol Police have acknowledged awareness of the situation and are looking into it.

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Further intensifying the controversy, the Spectator reported that a male staffer in Senator Ben Cardin’s office had been filming similar videos within the Capitol. While the staffer’s identity remains undisclosed, the report mentioned one of his public social media accounts, known for posting sensitive images and videos. Once again, representatives for Senator Cardin, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, have remained silent on requests for comments.

Senator Ben Cardin | TheQoo

Korean online communities, notably TheQoo, have been abuzz with reactions to this scandal. A viral post about the issue elicited varied responses, ranging from disbelief to humor. One user expressed confusion about the need to record such acts, while another sympathized with the senator involved.

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Questions were raised about the senator’s awareness and responsibility in preventing such incidents. The common sentiment was one of bewilderment and amusement at the absurdity of the situation, with one user humorously pondering how the senator could have possibly foreseen or stopped his staffer’s actions.

  • “Why is it that they always feel the need to record themselves doing it??”
  • “? I feel sorry for the senator. F*ck.”
  • “Out of their minds, clearly. I feel so bad for the senator.”
  • “WTF? How was the senator supposed to have known to prevent something like that?”
  • “Why would they upload the video in the first place…”
  • “Lunatics. Sucks to be the senator right now.”
  • “But, like, how was that grandpa supposed to know his staffer was having gay sex in the hearing room? How would he have stopped them? LMAO.”


| TheQoo