A Korean News Outlet Claims BTS Is Coming Back In April, Big Hit Responds

Strap in ARMY because BTS is coming back.

A Korean news outlet reported that BTS’s comeback has been moved up to April from May because their album is almost complete. They’re going to be filming the music video very soon in preparation for the Billboard Music Awards on May 1st.

The outlet also speculated about the possibility of BTS winning larger awards for their music at the Billboard Music Awards. It is likely BTS will be attending the Billboard Music Awards once more as their world tour will be taking them to Los Angeles at the time of the awards.

After this news started to go viral, Big Hit Entertainment responded in an official post.

The post reads:

“BTS is in the midst of preparing their new album. We will announce the comeback date on our official page soon”

– Big Hit Entertainment

Strap in ARMYs, it looks like BTS is definitely coming back soon and on top of that, we may get to see them at the Billboard Music Awards once more.

Source: Daum and Naver