Korean News Reports Samsung Funded The Ilbe Movement That Mocked The Families Of The Sewol Victim

Korean news recently revealed that Samsung has been donating large sums of money to an ilbe group that mocked the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

In 2014, the Korean far-right online community known as Ilbe organized a “food binge event” that mocked the families of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy victims.

During the first Chuseok after the tragedy, the families protested by sitting at Gwanghwamun Square and holding a hunger strike.


About 100 Ilbe and Free Youth Union members descended upon Gwanghwamun Square with kimbap, pizza, and fried chicken. They also drank beer and danced in front of the families.


They framed the distasteful act as “patriotic” as many of the families were calling for proper explanation of the tragedy and reparations from the conservative government. 


Over 8 years since the mockery, it’s been revealed that Samsung Group has been funneling huge donations to the Free Youth Union since before the Sewol Ferry Tragedy even occurred.

The Free Youth Union is a far-right, Park administration allied conservative organization. They have received several ~$10,000 USD donations from Samsung.


In 2014, they received another 10 million won donation (~$9,200 USD). This has led many to believe that the funds from Samsung Group were used to fund the food binge that mocked the grieving families.

Jang Ki Jung, the leader of The Free Youth Union, was seen at the food binge — dancing around holding a can of beer.


It has also been revealed that Samsung provided 2 billion won (~$1.85 million USD) to the National Police Veterans Association, another far-right associated group.

The former Vice President of the Federation of Korean Industries, another far right leaning group, confirmed that “it is true that Samsung financed several conservative organizations.”


Samsung has yet to respond to these claims.

Source: Oh My News and Dispatch