(★BREAKING) Korean Olympic Gold Medalist Assaulted By Her Coach

South Korea’s skating authorities have suspended a national team skating coach for allegedly assaulting Olympic short track speed staking champion Shim Suk Hee.

On January 19, The Korea Skating Union revealed an information that Shim Suk Hee left a national team training center for two days this week after she was allegedly beaten by one of her four male coaches.

“Shim Suk Hee took a leave of absence from the Jincheon National Training Center on Tuesday after a disturbing incident with a coach on the national team.”

— A representative from the Korean Skating Union

Shim Suk Hee won the women’s short track 3,000-meter relay gold medal during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. She also took silver in the 1,500-meter individual and bronze in the 1,000-meter individual.

Skating authorities confirmed an investigation is underway, but did not identify the coach.

“We suspended the coach after being informed of the incident by the national team. We are still in the process of figuring out what exactly happened.”

— A representative from the Korean Skating Union

Shim Suk Hee will be attending the Pyeongchang Olympics in her hometown Gangneung, as a local favorite to win medals.

Source: News1
Source: Yonhap News