Korean Plastic Surgeon Names The 3 TWICE Members With The Prettiest Noses

Do you agree with his verdict?

There’s no doubt that the TWICE members are some of the most beautiful stars in K-Pop. However, Seoul plastic surgeon Philip Son (PSPS on YouTube) says three members in particular boast the prettiest noses in the group. Read on to find out his verdict.

1. Dahyun

The first member PSPS named as one of TWICE’s prettiest noses is lead rapper Dahyun.

The plastic surgeon explained that Dahyun has a high nose bridge—one of the key characteristics of the Korean female beauty standard. Plus, the line of her nose bridge is smooth and almost completely straight with just a slight concave line.

Her nose tip is straight too and boasts the perfect width, creating a sharp and chic look.

Plus, when Dahyun smiles, her nostrils widen and her nose tip is lengthened, giving her a truly elegant and adorable nose line.

2. Sana

The second member on PSPS‘s list is Japanese beauty Sana. According to PSPS, Sana’s nose is both her most unique characteristic and the most attractive part of her face.

Sana has what Koreans call a “maeburi” (hawkbill) nose shape—arched rather than straight or sloped. Combined with her high nose bridge, Sana’s nose shape exudes elegance.

On top of that, Sana’s nose tip is high and somewhat upturned, creating a wider angle between her nose and lips. Unusual for someone with her nose shape, this feature gives her nose a beautifully sharp impression from the front.

PSPS says that when you combine her nose line with her facial length and cheek volume, Sana has the charm of an adorable Shina Inu.

3. Mina

Last but not least, co-main dancer Mina is the third nose beauty on PSPS‘s list.

While Dahyun and Sana have noses with more unique characteristics, the plastic surgeon says Mina’s nose is conventionally beautiful with a “flawless” shape.

Mina’s nose bridge and nose tip are both high, situated in the ideal position from a beauty expert’s point of view.

Her nose line is naturally straight, and even the curve between her forehead and her nose bridge is pretty. Whether you’re looking at her from the front of the side, PSPS explained that Mina’s nose ratio is perfectly balanced.

Watch the video for yourself here:


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