Korean Police To DNA Test 100+ Men To Find The Biological Father Of The Three-Year-Old Abandoned Baby

Finding the father will provide a key element to the investigation.

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A few days ago, a three-year-old baby girl in an abandoned apartment was found to be dead for over six months. The investigation turned confusing when it was found that the “mother” who abandoned her, Kim (22), was actually the baby girl’s sister. Through DNA testing, it was revealed that Seok (48), Kim’s mother, was actually the mother of the baby girl. It was also discovered that Hong (Kim’s husband) was not the father nor was Seok’s husband.

A family tree translated by Koreaboo for visualization. | theqoo

To find the girl’s father, the testing range was expanded by collecting the DNA of about 100 more men who made contact with Seok three years ago (around the time the baby was born). This includes deliverymen and men who have just texted or called her.

I only contacted Seok by delivery service and I don’t remember well. I was embarrassed because [the police] asked me to get tested. I cooperated, but it was unpleasant because I seemed to be accused of being a criminal.

—Anonymous Courier

Another courier responded, “We cooperated with the hope of finding the father soon.

The late baby girl. | Hankyung

An official of the National Forensic Service (NFS) said that the men are continuously accepting the DNA tests and that finding the child’s father is a key element. It is suspected that it is unlikely that Seok switched the children by herself, so they are hoping to find the father or another accomplice.

Seok being arrested by the police. | Yonhap News

In the middle of this investigation, yesterday, it was confirmed that Seok did not report the dead body immediately. She actually reported it the next day. Due to this information, Seok was sent to the prosecutors’ office on suspicion of abusing the girl and attempting the abandon her body.

I have never really had a child.

—Seok (when being taken by the police)

Police continue to investigate this web of crime while the country continues to mourn the baby girl.

Gumi Police Station | The Korea Times
Source: E-Daily

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