Korean Politician Implicated In Mystery Surrounding Elementary School Teacher’s Suicide Death

The teacher was found dead at the school before students arrived.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

An unnamed Korean politician is rumored to have played a role in a Korean Elementary School teacher’s suicide death.

Unrelated photo of Korean classroom for illustrative purposes | BBC

On July 19, Seoul Metropolitan Office Of Education revealed that an Elementary School teacher took their own life at an Elementary School in the glitzy neighborhood of Seocho-gu in Gangnam, Seoul. The teacher had just begun his teaching career and was a homeroom teacher for first graders.

According to the education office, the teacher was found dead at the school before students arrived.

The teacher was found before the students arrived. Due to the shock students would receive, the teacher’s absence was announced to be in lieu of a business trip/sick leave.

— Seoul Metropolitan Office Of Education

According to Seoul’s teacher’s union, the teacher had struggled with persistent complaints from a parent while handling a school-bullying incident. A Digital Times reported stated that the parent is alleged to be a politician.

Unrelated photo of the National Assembly for illustrative purposes | The Korea Times

On July 20, Han Ki Ho, an assemblyman based in Seocho-gu, denied any involvement in the teacher’s death.

Han Ki Ho | MBC

In a statement, the politician revealed that none of his family attended the school.

I would like to emphatically deny my involvement in this incident in which my name has been brought up. My family members do not attend that school.

— Han Ki Ho

Meanwhile, the nation is in shock, with many wondering how bad the harassment was to have caused a newly-appointed teacher to end their own life.

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Source: digital times