Korean Pop And R&B Artist HUNJIYA To Release New Album “KHAMAI” On July 13

Her music and message are relatable in many ways!

Korean Pop and R&B artist HUNJIYA will be releasing her new album, KHAMAI, on July 13!


Born in Seoul and raised in upstate New York, HUNJIYA was inspired to start in the arts by her mother, a visual artist. She combines memorable yet confessional storytelling with soul-infused guitar performance to create a mixture of pop, alternative R&B, and folk music. 

Hunjiya released her debut EP Lineage in 2017, a gift for her grandparents who had never heard her music prior to its release. Stripped down and featuring voice notes of her grandparents in their native Korean, it retells the story of how they fell in love. Two years later, Hunjiya released her second project and full-length album, Look After August, which explores the concepts of self-identity and self-care in one’s early twenties. In 2020, Hunjiya released the electronic-pop EP Fold as a duo, indigoworld, with producer Justin Trout. This EP saw an evolution in Hunjiya’s vocal production and style, a change she carries into her forthcoming album KHAMAI.

Hunjiya has performed at events such as Art Basel, Okeechobee Music Festival, and Sofar Sounds Seoul. Her music has been used and recognized by the likes of British Vogue, H&M, Them., Line of Best Fit, Lyrical Lemonade, and Desigual.

Now, Hunjiya is beginning a new era in her musical career. After relocating to Korea for a promising opportunity to work with producer Millic’s independent label Paix Per Mil, she has opened up a new door to discovering her own identity, both as a musician and an individual. KHAMAI is the result of that exploration, an album named for the chameleon-like nature of finding yourself through ever-shifting identities. If it is a response to the age-old advice, “be yourself”, it is one that embraces self-acceptance but also challenges its simplicity. Hunjiya squarely refuses to exist in only one facet of her kaleidoscopic identity. KHAMAI will be released on July 13, 2022.