Korean Preacher sentenced to 1 year in prison for sexual threats towards celebrity

A Korean preacher in his 40s  has been charged with a prison sentence of 1 year for tweeting threats and sexual slander towards Honey Lee over 290 times.

According to Seoul Central Courts, the preacher (47 years old) was sentenced to 1 year in prison for defamation and blackmailing Honey Lee online.

The preacher had been sexually harassing and slandering  Honey Lee via Twitter on 233 occasions, blackmailing her over 23 times and defaming her 34 times. He started the harassment in February of 2013 and continued until June of the same year utilizing a computer at a university.

He revealed that he liked Honey Lee since 2006 and became obsessed with her in December 2009 when he saw her on stage. He grew angry at the fact that he had no realistic way of approaching her and vented his frustration via SNS.

[+ 4044, – 45] The guy must be crazy..Lee Honey’s not even going to glance in your direction..

[+ 3256, – 43] Crazy preacher it’s because of guys like him that churches get so much criticism

[+ 2577, – 54] He’s going to give Protestants a bad name again tsk tsk

Source: Star News