Korean President Moon Jae In Invites Bong Joon Ho And “Parasite” Cast To A Special Luncheon

This movie has changed the Korean film industry.

On February 20 KST, Korean President Moon Jae In invited director Bong Joon Ho and the cast of Parasite to a special luncheon.

President Moon gave a small speech to congratulate the cast and director for their outstanding achievements for the Korean film industry.

Moon revealed that he was proud of Bong and the cast for creating a great film that broke down the barriers of being a non-English movie.

“I’m very empathetic to the social consciousness that was seen throughout the film. This problem is not just a local problem but a global one. However, the inequality has become so strong that it feels like a new class. It is our national goal to resolve such inequalities but because of much opposition it will be hard to see immediate results. We will fully support the film academy in any way that we can.”

The first lady, Kim Jung Sook, also revealed that she was a fan and that she had seen the movie twice. The first time she watched it with President Moon. After hearing this, Director Bong quizzed her by asking if she could guess what character actor Park Myung Hoon played in the film. First lady Kim answered, “Geun-Sae.”

The first lady also requested that they serve the popular dish ‘Jjapaguri’ from the movie for the luncheon.

President Moon was also seen asking actress Park So Dam who came up with the lyrics to the famous “Jessica song” as well.

Bong was grateful to close the celebrations of the movie through this special invitation. “I am very happy to celebrate with great people and warm food.”

Take a peek at what went on at the luncheon below.

Congratulations once again to director Bong and the cast for a great movie!

Source: joongangilbo