Korean Pro Gamer Accidentally Finds Dead Body During Livestream

An AfreecaTV BJ discovered a dead body floating by a beach in Busan during his live stream.

AfreecaTV live streamer and pro-gamer Ome Kim recently broadcast his live stream while walking along Dadaepo Beach Station in Busan, when he saw a large floating object near the shore.

The BJ was with two other friends when he discovered the object and decided to approach it after thinking it was a mannequin but immediately ran away from it upon realizing it was a dead body.

While several of his viewers believed he was pranking them with a mannequin, Kim Seung Hyun immediately shut them down and called the police to report the body before deleting the video.

According to police reports, the body hadn’t suffered significant decomposition and still had clothes on. It was later identified as the body of Mr. Seo, a 24-year-old male.

There was no will in his name, therefore Busan police are currently investigating the case and looking into his cause of death.

Source: Insight Korea