This Korean Pro Gamer Is The “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” of League of Legends

While gamers are not usually known for their good looks, League of Legends pro-gamer Lee Ho Jong (aka. Flame) steals everyone’s hearts for being very handsome.

Lee Ho Jong was also named “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” alongside BTS’s Jin when his face was revealed in the world championship games.

Lee Ho Jong is known more as his player name “Flame”, and is currently part of the Immortals Team as a “top laner”.

Despite prowess in the game, Flame’s spectators and colleagues can’t help but comment on his unusual visuals.

“I’m Straight But Holy *** CJ Entus Flame Is Hot”

— League of Legends gamer ARCDRIVEFlNISH

“straight and agreeing LOL”

— League of Legends gamer Mitsu

Even the game match commentators during his games can’t help but comment on his looks.

Lee Ho Jong ranked #11 in 2017’s World Championship, but his looks ranked #1.

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