Korean Protestor Stabs Himself And Dies After President Park Impeached

Protests outside the constitutional courthouse in Seoul got out of hand, leaving multiple people in need of medical care.

Protests in favor of the recently impeached, Park Geun-Hye, have taken a violent turn. A loyal group of supporters of the now former president has been protesting outside the courthouse where the ruling was made. Upon the news of her official impeachment, tears and violence sprung up within the protest group.


Protesters became hysterical at the news of her impeachment, many weeping and collapsing in sadness. Two protesters lost their lives at the scene and many are receiving medical attention after violent incidents at the protests.

Both deceased men have been identified only by the family name “Kim” and were found separately. Each was found with severe injuries near Anguk Station and died inside the hospital.

One of these men, who was in his 50s, was found to have stabbed himself stating that it was a sacrifice to save the former president.

Many more injuries have been reported as people tried to get past the police blockade and to the courthouse. Police have been trying to maintain the crowds with pepper spray and the blockade while providing medical attention to those who sustain injuries.

SourceKoreatimes, and CNBC