Korean Racing Model Attempts Suicide After Receiving Hate For Confessing About Her Abortion

It stemmed off a messy fight with her ex-boyfriend, who is a famous professional gamer.

Racing model, Ryu Ji Hye, recently received harsh criticisms after she confessed on her live broadcast that she aborted a child that she conceived with her ex-boyfriend.


Her ex-boyfriend is a famous professional gamer, named Lee Young Ho, who is well known for having the highest win ratio among professional Star Craft gamers.


The problem arose as Lee Young Ho refuted her claims by suggesting that she was lying about her abortion. He threatened to sue her if she didn’t apologize for bringing their past relationship to light.

“It’s true that we began dating 8 years ago. One day, she told me that she went to an abortion clinic with a friend. I don’t know if I can believe that to be true. I don’t understand why she keeps talking about me on [live broadcast] when she gets drunk.

If she doesn’t apologize, I’m going to sue her.”

— Lee Young Ho


Many netizens sided with Lee Young Ho and began bashing on Ryu Ji Hye about her abortion claims and the act of confessing about it on live broadcast.

A day later, Ryu Ji Hye posted a suicide note onto her Instagram.

“I’m going to die now. Thanks for everything. I only told the truth and that’s all. I received 28 days worth of Stilnox. Bye.
I know we could have been happier but I’ll consider this my punishment.

Why can’t women who aborted
or women who were sexually molested by their step-fathers speak up?
Why can’t we be brave? Is that weird?
It’s going to screw up their lives?
What about my life?

What about me?
Even if I continue to live
I’m not going to live like that
You crazy b*stard

I’m sure you know everything yourself.”

— Ryu Ji Hye


After receiving reports about her suicide letter, police reported to her apartment around 1:45pm. They found Ryu Ji Hye nearly unconscious after taking several sleeping pills. They rushed her to the hospital, where she is currently being treated.

Source: Nate Pann and Chosun News