Female Idol Reveals How She Was Bullied In School, Girls Stole Her Clothes

Kids are cruel.

Rapper Asol revealed she was bullied so severely in middle school that she dropped out.

Asol recently guested on MBC’s Video Star and talked about the many reasons why she dropped out of school, but it wasn’t because of music like many people thought.

She confessed that it was instead because of school bullying.

“I was severely bullied in middle school.

It was common for my school uniform or gym uniform to be stolen from me.”

— Asol

She was also a victim of violence from other students.

“As if it wasn’t enough to have my things stolen, I also suffered from violence from others.”

— Asol

Unable to deal with it anymore, she told her parents she no longer wanted to attend school.

Her mother opposed her withdrawal until visiting the school and speaking with her teacher, whose ignorance changed her mind.

“I told my parents I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Later on my mom went to visit the teacher at school.

The teacher said ‘Isn’t it because of a problem with Asol?’

I think if my mother had agreed with a teacher like that, the problem would never have been solved.”

— Asol


Source: Insight