Korean Rapper Comes Under Fire For Appropriating Black Culture

The past performance has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

A rapper called Chio Chicano has been called out by netizens after a past clip of her rapping has resurfaced.

Rapper Chio Chicano | @chioch1cano/Instagram

Along with other stars, Chicano appeared in a video for DingoFreestyle where the artists showcased their talent in a medley of performances. As soon as the rapper appeared on the screen and introduced herself, she was accused of using AAVE (African American Vernacular English) and having a “Blaccent” (Imitating the ways Black people speak).

Chicano then performed some of her songs, and many gained negative attention for the production, lyrics, and how the rapper executed her performance.



While the initial video was posted a month ago, it has gained attention amongst international fans for all the wrong reasons. The video that was posted sparked a debate amongst fans and many couldn’t get over how “insensitive” it was and that the “culture” Chicano was trying to promote as Korean R&B/Hip Hop.

In the comments, netizens shared their own reactions. Some shared their anger that they were using sounds like gunshots and the topic of drugs (which is very illegal in Korea) as an aesthetic.

Along with the music and producing of the performance, netizens called out the rapper for using AAVE and having a name that is Latino.

Other fans shared that it also shows the double standards and how important it is for Black artists to be able to go to Korea and “reclaim” rap and the culture they believe Koreans are trying to replicate.

Netizens believe that Korean musicians appropriate Black culture without respect and understanding. While rappers and artists within the Korean R&B and Hip Hop scene might see no problem with it, the issues of racism in the country make it seem like they’re using the culture for “aesthetics.”

Source: DingoFreestyle