Korean Rapper Thought To Have Been Attacked By Bullies… Only To Come To The Most Unexpected Ending

Even the cops were called!

An onlooker thought a gang of bullies was attacking a rapper, but it came to a most unexpected ending.

Jo Gwang Il | Pinto Sound

The rapper in question is Korean rapper and songwriter Jo Gwang Il. The 25-year-old won the competition show Show Me the Money 10 in 2021 but made his debut in 2019 with “Grow Back.”

Jo Gwang Il on “Show Me the Money 10.”

Jo Gwang Il recently held a small fan meeting in a dark back alley after performing at Gwangju Art Festival. An onlooker saw the crowd and misunderstood the situation.

Fan (right) meeting Jo Gwang Il (left).

The person passing by assumed that there was a fight, seeing how a group of people was surrounding Jo Gwang Il. So, they feared he was being jumped and called the cops on them!


Jo Gwang Il posted a photo of cops arriving at his fanmeeting on Instagram Stories. He clarified what happened to the onlooker. Rather than be angry about the situation, he apologized for the misunderstanding.

| @jogwangil_/Instagram

To the person who called the cops to report that I’m getting bullied… That’s not what happened. I was actually talking to my fans… I’m sorry for making you misunderstand…

— Jo Gwang Il

He posted additional photos from the festival that night. Jo Gwang Il included a caption, letting all know everything was okay.

Gwangju Art Festival was so much fun and I had such a great time! 🔥🔥🔥

(Also, I was not getting bullied or anything… I was talking to my fans…)

— Jo Gwang Il

So, despite the unbelievable situation, Jo Gwang Il didn’t have bad feelings about the night after all!

Source: Theqoo and jogwangil_