Korean Restaurants In India Under Fire For Racist Policies Banning Indians

Indians are being refused service at Korean restaurants… in India.

Last year, KIA Motors established a plant near the Penukonda village of Anantapur in India. After the plant was established, several Korean restaurants and guesthouses have also appeared in the area and they don’t allow locals entry into these places.


Reports from locals state that there around 15 Korean restaurants and 20 guesthouses and that none of these places allow Indian residents to dine or stay in these places. Not even the owners of the buildings are allowed inside.


The area has also experienced an increase in the number of signs written completely in Korean, making many locals feel there is a boundary they aren’t allowed to cross. Locals believe that language classes would be very beneficial but so far no classes have been set up.


Although you might think something like this would be receiving more attention, the issue has yet to be thoroughly broached. Since the owners of guesthouse and restaurant building receive a much higher rent as the Korean individuals are willing to pay triple the normal rental prices, there haven’t been many complaints.


That isn’t to say that locals are being quiet about the issue either. Last year, when an Indian journalist attempted to dine at a Korean restaurant and was turned away he reported the incident and the establishment was later closed down.


As more attention is brought to this occurrence, locals may see a change in these restaurant and guesthouse’s policies. Check out The Wire‘s in-depth video on the topic to learn more:

Source: The Wire