Korean Sex Offender Cuts Off Electronic Anklet And Murders 2 Women

He admitted to the crime.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault and violence that may disturb some readers.

It has been confirmed that 50-year old Kang, who cut off his electronic anklet and fled, told the police that he “killed two women.” Kang also told the Songpa Police Station that his home was the location of the crime. Kang was charged with killing one victim before the escape and another victim after cutting off the electronic anklet and fleeing.

The police have identified the two female victims’ bodies and have sent investigator’s to Kang’s home to investigate the murder. Kang, who was released from prison in May of this year, after serving a prison sentence for special forced sexual assault, cut his anklet on August 27 around 5:30 PM KST in in a street in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu.

Upon finding out, the East Probation Service requested cooperation from the police and began tracking them. It was investigated that Kang threw his electronic anklet near Mongchontoseong Station on Subway Line 8. It is said that he took a rental car to Seoul Station and abandoned the car and fled.

Source: sbs news