Korean singer currently being questioned in America for disturbing actions on Korean Air

A Korean singer is currently being questioned for causing a disturbance in flight while intoxicated.

According to YTN, Bobby Kim was on a plane to San Francisco from Incheon International Airport. A mere five hours into the flight KE023, he began causing a scene. Apparently drunk, he is said to have harassed the flight attendant by inappropriately feeling her waist.

Passengers state that Bobby Kim appeared angry and when his tantrum continued for about an hour, other passengers had their seats changed to leave the scene. According to a personnel at Daily Sports, Bobby Kim was in a poor mood because he upgraded his seat to business from economy but the upgrade was not taken care of when he got on the plane.

The plane landed in San Francisco at 10:13 AM PST on January 7th. Upon arrival, the FBI, San Francisco airport police, and immigration officers appeared, taking Bobby Kim in for questioning. Two flight attendants and two passengers were questioned as well.

Air Korea stated that they are looking into whether or not the claim about his upgrade is true. Another American airport personnel stated, “He was drunk from five hours into the flight and started shouting vulgar things for almost two hours. The attendants attempted to calm him down but were forced to put him in the jump seat when they failed. They gave him beverages and water, trying to calm him.” The problem continued when he made physical contact with the flight attendant and saying things that could be taken as sexual harassment. “The attendant reported this right away and passengers who were watching agreed to cooperate with questioning in relation to Bobby Kim’s actions. Two to three passengers were witnesses of the event.”

Due to the fact that Bobby Kim is both an American and Korean citizen, he can be held accountable for these actions in both countries.

Source: YTN and Sports Daily