Korean Singer Lose 16kg In Under Three Months For “2024 Waterbomb”

It was true dedication.

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This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Most people are ambitious when setting weight loss goals, but Korean singer Queen WA$ABII really showed dedication when losing weight.

It was announced that the singer would be appearing at the 2024 Waterbomb event in Seoul.

The announcement of Queen WA$ABII | @waterbomb_official/TikTok

When the Waterbomb announcement was made, although the singer is beautiful, she made a post with the caption, “@waterbomb_official See you at Waterbomb… maybe,” showcasing her stomach, with many assuming she didn’t think she had the right figure for the event and she explained that she was going to diet, revealing her weight was 65.71KG (which is very healthy and normal).

Throughout her weight-loss journey, the singer kept fans updated, whether it was videos of her in the gym or weight updates. In June, she shared a photo set with the caption, “-13kg Hunger is my friend.”

On July 6, the singer took to the stage.

Following her performance, Queen WA$ABII shared photos of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Thank you so much for actually inviting me. Big thanks to you, Malwang oppa, for your help. It was worth the hard work of losing 16kg in less than three months.”

While Queen WA$ABII always looks beautiful, you could see how proud she was of her weight loss journey ahead of the performance.




Queen WA$ABII definitely showcased true dedication.

Source: Instiz
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