Korean soldier loses case after dropping his pants to a superior officer

A Korean soldier lost his case after appealing against a past ruling by a judge to being sent to the guardhouse after showing his private area to a superior officer.

Korean media reports that an unidentified soldier lost his case against the company commander after the soldier complained his actions did not deserve 15 days in the guardhouse. Last February, the soldier identified as ‘A‘ was sent to the guardhouse for 15 days after dropping his pants to show his private area to a superior officer identified as ‘B.’

The company commander sent the soldier ‘A’ to the guardhouse for 15 days which is the maximum penalty for current military personnel. However, the soldier counter-sued and appealed against the ruling claiming that it wasn’t just for him to take the maximum penalty.

However, the courts ruled in favor of the company commander claiming that a soldier, who has responsibility of protecting the nation and its people, should not be sexually harassing anyone. Soldier ‘A’s appeal was overturned and the court rulings showed that any sexual harassment would not be tolerated in the Korean military.

Source: Harold Pop