Korean Street Performer Under Fire For Assaulting Female Audiences Multiple Times

Several women have come forward after this Korean street performer grabbed them violently without their permission.

The issue went viral on Twitter after the shocked audience uploaded a video of what appeared to be the performer violently assault a female member of the crowd.

The dancer in question repeatedly yanks the heads of female onlookers during what is presumably part of his “act”.

Once the video went viral, victims of the assault came forward to shed some light on the issue and ask for justice.

They revealed that the dancer grabbed their heads without asking and that one of the victims fell and hit the speaker because she felt dizzy.

Apparently, instead of apologizing or checking to see if she was okay, the performer did not take the situation seriously and made fun of her for falling.

One of the victims complained to the dancer through Instagram but received no response from him.

One netizen also revealed that he would steal items from audience members and force them to donate in order to get the stolen items back.

Even after the video went viral, the dancer did not show remorse for his actions.

“I can apologize if the person asks for an apology.

I performed thousands of times, and I can make mistakes for those who don’t like it.

It’s just a style of performance.

It wasn’t an assault.

I just rhythmically shook their heads.”

The Dancer

The dancer commenting on this issue on his personal broadcasting channel.

He also left comments to those who were asking for his apology.

“That is just how busking works.

You people don’t know about busking.

It’s creating a new culture.

It’s funny that people who had nothing to do with the dance are asking for my apology.

People who were grabbed were smiling, and the vibe of the overall audience was good.”

— The Dancer

Netizens hope that the dancer comes to realize the error of his ways and apologizes properly to the victims.

Source: Dispatch