Korean Students Save The Life Of An Old Man Who Could Have Died On The Streets

A Korean politician Min Byung Doo revealed a heartwarming story of young students who saved the life of an old man on the cold streets in Seoul.

He revealed that an old man fell on the streets all of a sudden and he was not conscious.

Students who were on their way to school spotted him and called 911 right away.

Waiting for the 911 to arrive, they took off their jackets and covered the old man with them, so he can keep his body warm.

When the old man became conscious, young students asked him where he lives, and took him home.

This politician asked around the schools in the area to find these young students to award them for their kind actions.

He later found the identity of students who volunteered to help the old man and referred them for an award of good conduct.

Netizens are touched by these young students’ quick and considerate actions that saved a life of an old man.

Source: Insight