This Korean Stylist Can Transform You In Ways You’ve Never Imagined

Kim Eun Young is the South Korean hairstylist going viral over her shocking hair and makeover styles.

Kim Eun Young is going viral over her insane ability to update and makeover any look. With some hair curls and a bit of makeup, she has managed to entirely transform the looks of all of her clients. She goes by the name of Dohwa online, and her Instagram has taken off – receiving requests from all over the world to have her redesign their look.

The salon she works as is called La Maison Beauty and is located in Cheongdam. Her popularity is so high she has received requests from all over the world to have their looks styled by her on her blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. She works on everything – from weddings to graduations, to every-day looks and styles.


A bit of make-up completes the makeover.


She brings bounce and curls into her looks.


She can turn any look into a photoshoot worthy session.


A little blush or color on the lips finishes the look.



Watch her at work:

Source: Nextshark