Korean Super Market Clerk Goes Viral For Heroic Actions During Earthquake

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Pohang, South Korea last week, shocking the entire nation.

Fortunately there were no deaths, thanks to the several civilians who displayed truly heroic behavior.

One such civilian was a cashier at a super market who was captured protecting two women with a basket.

Despite the quake, the cashier stood his ground and immediately put a basket over the heads of the customers instead of himself.

He said he was confused and shocked at what was happening, but he knew he had to protect the women.

“When it was shaking severely, I was confused and didn’t know what was going on, but the customers were scared and I thought something was going to fall on their heads and they’d get hurt.”

— Cashier

Fortunately, there were no casualties and no one was seriously injured.

Watch the full video here: