Korean-Taiwanese artist Bii accused of plagiarizing CNBLUE

Netizens have put Korean-Taiwanese artist Bii under fire with accusations of his track “Baby Don’t” plagiarizing CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry.”Following the release of his latest album, Action Bii, the singer has received criticism for points of similarity between his track “Baby Don’t” and CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry.”

Fans have left comments on Bii’s music video stating the similarities in various ways, such as, “I’m a BOICE~but I also like Bii~but…but…sigh..the chorus really is too similar >”<” and “This is my first time listening to it and I could hum along. So………..I’m just that good?”

Some commenters even dug up parallels between other Bii and CNBLUE songs, sharing, “If you’re a fan of Bii you might know that he’s a fan of CNBLUE as there’s a video somewhere of him covering their songs. This song somewhat sounds similar to ‘I’m Sorry’ and another song, ‘My Love for You Won’t Change’ sounds similar to CNBLUE’s ‘Because I Miss You.’ Clearly, a lot of people were able to draw the connections so I can’t help but wonder why he would pull something like this. Even if he did not totally compose both songs, he had to have known they were similar, right?”

In response to this, the artist responded, “After hearing the song, I agree that there are parts that sound quite similar. As both tracks are in the pop-rock genre with similar tempos, the songs will naturally be close.” A representative continued that as half of the tracks on the album are Bii’s own compositions, listeners should be more critical when listening and he accepts all commentary. They see this as an opportunity for growth and will take note during future music production.

Take a listen at the two tracks below.

Bii’s “Baby Don’t”

CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry”

Source: ET Today