Korean teacher carried his injured student around on a field trip for 2 days

An elementary school teacher piggybacked his injured student for two whole days so he could enjoy his field trip.

Lee Yong Hyun, an elementary school teacher at Gongeum Elementary school, has been named a hero by the school for carrying his 6th-grade student Kang Sung Kwan on his back for two whole days around Jeonju’s Hanok Village.

Kang Sung Kwan, who weighed over 46kg (approximately 101 lbs), had injured his leg and couldn’t walk long distances, and so his parents had to exclude him from the field trip.

The teacher noticed that Sung Kwan looked listless and sad after being excluded from the field trip, and so he convinced his parents to let him go to the field trip by promising to take full care of him throughout the entire trip.

As promised, Lee Yong Hyun carried his injured student on his back for two whole days which allowed for Sung Kwan to enjoy the field trip as much as the other students.

“He was heavier than I thought so it was a little tough, but it was all worth it because Sung Kwan really seemed to enjoy it.”

— Lee Yong Hyun

Kang Sung Kwan then submitted a photo of his teacher carrying him on his back to a special contest exhibit and won first prize for its beautiful story about the incredible relationship between teacher and student.

Source: MSN News