Korean Influencer Who Was Subjected To Racism On TikTok Has Come Under Fire For Downplaying The Seriousness Of The Issue

The follow up to the viral video has attracted mixed responses!

TikTok user @gemini_jury recently went viral after she called out another account after being subjected to racism on a live broadcast. Yet, the user is receiving hate after being called out for “capitalizing” on racism and downplaying the seriousness of the issue.

User @gemini_jury | @gemini_jury/Instagram

On TikTok, the user shared a video where she wanted to join a battle with another account. As soon as she appeared on the screen for the battle, the two women didn’t want anything to do with her as they explained, “We don’t want a battle with you.”

After witnessing the rude comment, the other user pulled her eyes back, which is deemed racist as it is a gesture associated with those mocking Asian people. When asked if someone was recording it, the woman seemingly found no issues in what she was doing, replying, “I hope so.”

After revealing she spoke English, the user seemingly understood that the two women were being racist. She then spoke again in Korean, and one of the other users started imitating the accent in a cruel way before laughing.

In the caption, the user shared that she released the video to help others realize what racism towards Asian people is like and how hurtful it is.

When the video was posted, it unsurprisingly went viral and the user was flooded with supportive messages from users who shared their anger at the racism she received.

Despite the anger surrounding the video, the user seemingly had to address hate after one user explained that her greeting in Spanish could also be deemed racist as she was assuming their nationality. Yet, more users saw the action as friendly and saw the haters as trying to flip the script to downplay the racism she received.


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The account that had been accused of racism then released an apology, and although it has been deleted, @gemini_jury reposted the account promoting the account, adding, “Follow @apologizwsincerely so we can battle.”


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In particular, in the latest video, the user received a lot of hate after seemingly promoting the account of the user that had been racist. During the video, she explained, “Let’s turn some negative into positive. It’s not that serious, it is, but you know, let’s turn this into something positive, like a learning experience.”


The battle of the century!! Follow @I’m sorry Asian community

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In the comments, not only were netizens angry that the user was seemingly making light of a serious issue of racism, but others accused her of monetizing off the issue by promoting the account that was making racist comments.

While the racism was serious, many feel like the user’s follow-up videos aim to make light of the issue that garnered attention.

Source: @gemini_jury
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