Korean Woman Asks For Help While Being Chased By A Mysterious Man But Nobody Helps — Except For One Hero

She was denied help two times.

A Korean bus driver is receiving praise for rescuing a woman being chased and threatened by an unknown man.

The bus driver with the interviewer in front of the bus. | SBS

On August 15, a post titled “Thank you to the bus driver of Changwon’s bus No. 3006 for rescuing me from a dangerous situation” was posted on a compliment board on the Changwon City Hall website. The author, referred to as A, expressed gratitude to the bus driver who helped her in a dangerous situation.

The author, a woman in her 40s, shared that at 9:30 a.m. (KST) that morning, she had gone out for a walk in front of her house when a drunk man suddenly threatened her. She recalled initially thinking he was asking for directions but quickly realized it was a dangerous situation.

At first, I thought he was asking for directions, but he started using foul language and came at me threatingly. I tried to run away, but the pedestrian crossing light was red, so I couldn’t cross, and there was no one on the street.

— A

The bus’ dash cam captured footage of the drunk man. | SBS 

She attempted to escape by taking a taxi twice but failed both times. She mentioned seeing a taxi stopping for a passenger on the street and trying to board it immediately. However, the door wouldn’t open.

Inside the taxi, there was a woman holding a child, and she must have sense something strange and didn’t come out.

— A

The woman was unable to run quickly because she had a disability. After walking about 200 meters as the man continued to follow her, she saw another taxi with its operational lights turned off. She knocked on the door and asked the driver to open it because an unknown man was chasing her. However, she was denied entry.

The bus’ dash cam shows A rushing to the bus to ask for help. | SBS 

It was only the bus driver who helped A from the frightening situation. She shared that the driver opened the door for her and made sure not to open it for the man chasing her.

I saw a bus stopped at a red light, so I knocked on the door, and the driver opened it when he saw me. I explained the situations, and he let me in. The man who was chasing me then came to the bus door, but the driver didn’t open it. Of course, I forgot to pay the fare, but when I checked the bus number as I got off, it was 3006.

— A

The bus driver lets A into the bus. | SBS 

Lastly, the author thanked the kind driver who helped her when nobody else did.

Thanks to the bus driver, I arrived home safely after he let me off at the next bus stop. I was so flustered that I couldn’t properly thank him. The only person who opened the door for me in that situation was the bus driver.

— A

In an interview with the kind bus driver, named Lee Seung Hyun, he said he helped because he could tell that the woman was not in a normal situation.

Bus driver Lee Seung Hyun | SBS

Her expression was urgent and filled with fear, so I thought that the situation didn’t seem normal.

— Lee Seung Hyun



Source: The Korea Economic Daily and SBS News