Korean Woman Attacked By Racist New York Subway Passenger

He said, “Get the fuck out of my country.”

A Korean Facebook user by the name of Seulji Lee posted details of her encounter with a racist man’s harassment on the subway in Brooklyn, New York.

Since she shared what happened, the post has gone viral and people are asking for justice.


Seulji Lee posted a video and a picture of the alleged racist man and claimed, “I’m sharing this video, pic and the story since I hope this kind of racism or hate crime are never going to happen to anyone again.”

본 동영상은 제가 불과 어제 미국 뉴욕에서 겪은 인종차별적 피해 영상입니다. 이와 같은 일이 더 이상 어느 누구에게도 일어나지 않았으면 하는 바람으로 영상과 사진, 글을 함께 공유합니다.해당 사건은 뉴욕 현지…

Posted by Seulji Lee on Sunday, July 8, 2018


Seulji Lee explained, in both Korean and English, that the man captured in the video and photograph harassed her friend and her — most likely as an act of racism and hatred.

“This happened to me in Coney Island Station, Brooklyn, NY on 7th July, 2018 around 3:40pm.

A guy was sitting right next to me on the N train. He said “Fake”, “Get the fuck out of my country”. But I couldn’t make sure he did it to me since I was talking to a friend of mine. He turned around his body to me and removed the candy shell with a big smile but not a friendly manner.

As we felt uncomfortable about him, we stood up in order to avoid him and move to the next car. Right after that, he stood up and got off the train. So we stayed there, not moved. He saw that we didn’t get off the train, then he got on the right next car again. At the next station, He came back to the car we were.”

— Seulji Lee 


In the video uploaded by Seulji Lee, the man pushes her away when confronted then runs away up the stairs.

“At the Coney island station, after we got off the train, he spat on my head behind my back. I tried to catch him. He shook my hand off, then shoved me toward the train and ran away.”

— Seulji Lee


Seulji Lee pointed out that the picture does not come from her, but another passenger who felt uneasy by the man’s behavior as well.

“After that, a woman who was there has sent the picture of him to me. According to her saying, he was acting strange to her and her mother as well. That’s the reason why she has taken a picture just in case.”

— Seulji Lee


There has been an official report filed, according to Seulji Lee.

“At present, we have made an official report about this situation at the police station and have been informed by the police that the investigation will be conducted on Monday 9th July.”

— Seulji Lee 


The internet is both sorry for what Seulji Lee has gone through and angry at the racist man who ran from his actions.

  • “So many crazy, racist people out there. I hope they identify this guy and ruin his reputation forever. Sorry this happened to you and I’m glad you didn’t get physically hurt.”

  • “New York is so racist… What’s even worse is that when I’m with my boyfriend, no one bothers me. But when I’m by myself for even five minutes, someone comes and does something racist. It sucks to be an Asian woman in NY. I’m so frustrated every single day. Had that been me on the train, I’m sure he would’ve picked on me too. F*cking uneducated beasts. They aren’t even native to the land either, sh*t. I don’t understand what part of their uncivilized selves they consider superior. Do they even know where they come from?”

  • “This is actually disgusting to hear and watch. I hope you are doing ok.”

  • “I’m sorry that happened to you. I hope the police catches him. That guy is waste of space and shouldn’t be allowed to breathe the same air as us.”

  • “Get the f*ck out of his country? LMAO. Does he know he’s living on stolen land? F*cking idiot.”

  • “That is so terrible, that person is such a piece of shit. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crazy people who live in the city. I’ve had two people spit on dogs I was walking, and I almost had to fight them. I decided not to, because they were obviously mentally insane. You should put up posters with that guy’s face on them and describe what happened, then post them in that subway station.”


Some are skeptical any investigating will get done, while others want to pitch in some help to identifying the man.

  • “Unfortunately the racist american police will propably protect the racist scumbag from going to jail.”

  • “But NYPD though… Don’t get any hopes up. They don’t do sh*t.”

  • “Sorry but more and more of our police aren’t going to do anything.”

  • “Can you let us know which police station you reported this to so we can have the media follow up with their precinct chief?”

  • “What is the report number? I was told that I would need it if I saw him and wanted to call the cops.”

No update has come from Seulji Lee herself yet, but with the story gaining more attention, people remain hopeful the man will soon be brought face-to-face with what he did.