Korean Woman Destroys A Convenience Store By Storming Her Car Straight Into It — Live Footage Captures The Chaos

All because of a painting, she admitted.

A Korean woman in her 30s got arrested at the scene after smashing her sedan straight into a convenience store in Pyeongtaek city.

The woman under arrest. | Newstong

The woman stormed her Genesis into the MINI STOP with at least three people, including the branch manager, inside…

… and then continued to maneuver the vehicle back and forth, causing more damage to the store. The incident did not inflict any serious injuries — though the branch manager did get minor scrapes from the broken glass.

Even after the police arrived, the woman refused to step out of the car. She went on to completely destroy the store:

Only after firing a warning shot, the police had the woman in custody under arrest.

During the investigation, the woman admitted that she intentionally drove into the store after becoming furious with the branch manager who “failed to submit her daughter’s painting to be considered for an art contest“. Upon hearing the news, Korean netizens managed to find more information about the said art contest.

The poster for “The 28th Green Environment Dreamers Art Contest by MINI STOP” | MINI STOP

Held annually by MINI STOP, the “Green Environment Dreamers Art Contest” is for elementary school students — who can enter by submitting their artworks to any local branch. The woman is said to have submitted her daughter’s painting to this Pyeongtaek location. When she became convinced that her daughter’s painting did not get entered, she blamed the branch manager for “misplacing the painting.

A July-August 2020 exhibition of this year’s MINI STOP art contest winning submissions. | Naver Post

Many became shocked speechless by the fact that the woman risked lives — including her own — to “get revenge for missing her daughter’s chance of winning at most $500 from an art contest.

The store is now under repair construction, while the woman awaits her trial.

The MINI STOP under construction. | Instiz

You can see the pure chaos go down in this video:

Source: DongA and THEQOO