Korean woman evades police arrest for six years by undergoing plastic surgery

Police have managed to finally capture a woman who has evaded arrest the last six years.

According to reports, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office revealed that a 57-year old woman by the name Yun and her company were investigated in 2009 and was ordered to pay a severance and salary to its 63 employees totaling 193 million won, or $161,352 USD. The reason for the severance and salary pay was not revealed.

Though she was not arrested at the time, Yun disobeyed several summons from the court and the trial went on without her despite her disappearance. Finally in July 2014, the Seoul Southern District Court ordered Yun to serve eight months of jail for her failure to show up in court.

Police went in search for her, including a restaurant that was suspected to be owned by Yun. However, police did not recognize Yun due to her change in appearance after altering her eyes despite initially running into her.

Yun was finally arrested on August 12th.

Source: Korea Times