Korean Woman Sentenced To Prison For Biting Drunk Man’s Tongue After He Tried To Kiss Her

A woman who was forcibly kissed by a man is now being sentenced to prison after biting his tongue in self-defense.

On February 16 of last year, a 46-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman were drinking together at a cafe in Incheon when the man supposedly demanded sex from the woman while forcibly kissing her. As an act of self-defense, the woman bit his tongue to try and stop him. The man received severe injuries as a result of the bite and took 7 weeks to heal.

The unnamed woman – who testified in court, explained how the man had hit her, grabbed her, and forced himself on her. She has now been sentenced to six months in prison, with a two-year suspended sentence by Incheon’s 12th Criminal Court’s chief judge.

Despite her claims that she only acted in self-defense, every member of the jury decided she was guilty, with suggested sentences of six months to a year in jail, and up to several years of a suspended sentence.

The court claims to have made this decision keeping in mind the fact that the woman committed the offense while she was fighting the man, and considered that the man is responsible for the crime.

The criminal court stated that ultimately the “victim” had sustained serious injuries from the woman and that the pair could not come to an agreement.

Source: Yonhapnews